Azure Integration Services

Application Integration Is The Spine Of Digital Transformation

Things are changing radically in the realm of integration. For a decade, there were planners and integration experts who had it as their primary job. Gradually, things are transforming in the integration expanse and it is being driven by the need to build the pace of progress of business for example Digital Transformation. Business relies upon a wide range of strategic applications. Azure is fabricated to deal with crucial workloads easily. Fortune companies began implementing Azure to deal with their crucial tasks.

The worth is lost when applications can't integrate with one another. The abilities and integration services provided by Azure gives tremendous worth to the clients vertically and horizontally.

Why Dotsquares?

Leveraging on-premise platforms and their integration with cloud applications is a key to fruitful digital transformation. This makes hybrid integration quite possibly the main segment of digital transformation. You, for your requirements need an accomplice like Dotsquares who has a long effective history of carrying out on-premise middleware solutions alongside demonstrated plethora of skills in cloud advancements. This makes us a safe bet for you to build advanced integration solutions leveraging Azure.

Azure Integration Services all that you need to build new, incorporated solutions that interface applications and services on-premises and in the cloud. Regardless of whether you are hoping to integrate applications in cloud or desire a hybrid integration, Our experts have the ability to kick you off in the Azure for your mix needs.

Azure Integration Components

API Management

It works with any host, API, and makes us provide a scalable solution for you. Our service doesn’t end here, we further support in securing and optimizing your API’s. Pinpoint gaps within your API functioning through our interactive insights.

Logic Apps

We offer out of the box connectors to reduce integration challenges making data integration from on-premises to cloud an effortless process for you. Alongside, we provide B2B and enterprise messaging in the cloud.

Service Bus

Leveraging Service Bus services, we offer simplified enterprise and cloud messaging and can even implement complex message routing based on the information contained within. Together, we build reliable and scalable solutions.

Event Grid

Simplify HTTP based event delivery with our in depth expertise. Leveraging reactive programming and focussing on product innovation, we offer to build better and more reliable applications for you to capitalise on.

Integration Scenarios we Offer

Application to Application
Business to Business

Business Benefits of leveraging Azure Integration services by Dotsquares

  • Paas & Iaas Capabilities
  • Security
  • Hybrid Capabilities
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Access Management