Azure Media Services

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Skyrocket your discoverability and performance as you move your media workload to Azure Media Services

Azure Media Services is a cloud-based media processing service that enables video publishers to store and process their video content in the cloud. It has been designed for both live and on-demand delivery scenarios where high quality, low latency, scalability and cost-efficiency are required.

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Now, relish both live and on-demand delivery scenarios

Leverage Azure Media Services with Dotsquares and enable yourself to store and process video content in the cloud.

Manage, transform, and deliver media content with cloud-based workflows

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, Dotsquares is always at your assistance to transact across all Microsoft cloud services and Azure Media Services is one of them. We are guiding our clients to author, upload, encode, manage, monitor, and report on the live and on-demand content. Azure Media Services fully supports the lifecycle of your media assets with flexible ingestion options, powerful workflows, precise quality controls, fast encoding speeds, and more.

Benefits of our assistance with Azure Media Services

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are rightsized before taking the entry on the cloud, you are likely optimal at that moment of time. As the needs are changed, application usage gets change and new resources are added and the need for continuous optimization grows.
Gaining visibility from Azure Cost Management (ACM) and recommendations from Azure Advisor is only actually not a complete battle. ACM does not have all the reports since we are totally aware and have faced clients who have chosen us after doing the same. Particularly valuable are our month over month reports which show changes over time, and our reserved instance (RI) analysis that provides an understanding into efficient usage of RI and insights into where it could be used.
If we only talk about small and short term use then Standard Azure tools such as Azure Cost Management, Azure Advisor and Azure Monitor may be a decent start and will pick up some of the quick wins. But they are not completely good to cover all types of optimization you need an extraordinary practice and knowledge in running Azure Advisor algorithms.

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