Azure Migration Services

Revolutionary Azure Migration Services

Azure Migration refers to moving data, applications, or other business components to a more secure and exceptionally performing cloud environment from its current platform. The azure servers are accessible in numerous areas worldwide and are available over the web with protected modes. Organisations are now quickly moving their whole business to the azure cloud, making the work process more proficient and vigorous, further streamlining the expense and framework.

How can Dotsquares help in this revolution?

Dotsquares is a leading azure cloud migration services provider, and our experts can assist you with the migration regardless of where you stand on your cloud venture. Our services incorporate migrating applications, data, software licenses, workloads, and more from heritage framework (public, private, virtual private) to Azure Cloud.

While plotting data migration to the cloud, it's legitimate to be worried about the risks implied with it. However, you can generally get it directly with our IT experts' direction, who will guarantee a risk free, hassle free, and on-time transfer.

What services we Offer?

Infrastructure Migration

Move your on-premise data, applications, and other business cycles to the cloud with Dotsquares' infrastructure migration services. Dispose of the physical stockpiling devices and move the data to a safer and well-maintained cloud framework : Azure !

Platform Migration

Having extensive experience with migrating workloads to azure platform, we moreover provide training and resources post migration. Our in-depth skill with platform migration allows you to fortify your work effectiveness by overpowering the competition.

Application Migration

We utilise open-source cloud migration devices and plan a perfectly tuned cloud migration technique to move your applications to faster workloads. Moving your applications to the azure improves business execution by making data available within a centralised structure.

Cloud to cloud Migration

Start your cloud to cloud migration venture with Dotsquares for a seamless process, decreased human blunders, and 100% data integrity. We assist you with recognising the most ideal choices and construct a bespoke work design to meet your venture execution. We realise each organisation is uniquely structured and should be catered to accordingly.

Database Migration

Stride ahead and move to a safer and strong cloud database today. We realise the amount it takes to deal with a physical storage framework that is eccentric and requires human mediation to keep up. Our specialists can assist you with migrating your on-premises database into a state-of-the-art, progressed azure cloud platform with zero downtime.

Office 365 Migration

Leverage the advantages of Office 365 by moving from other legacy platforms and gain significant insights into your workload. What better than keeping all your everyday business applications in the cloud that is available anywhere, anytime.

Clould Migration Consulting

Dotsquares has an expert team of certified azure migration advisors. We plan and plan movement techniques to safely move your workloads to the azure cloud. We will analyse your current work process and suggest you a more organised structural choice to safely move your business to the azure cloud.

Benefits of Migrating to Azure with Dotsquares

  • High productivity
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Increased availability
  • Faster disaster recovery
  • Effective backup storage
  • Advanced data security
  • Reduced costs
  • Active Support System
  • Post Migration Services