Case study:

Azure Inventory Management Case Study

Azure Inventory Management Case Study


The client is a leading designer and manufacturer of down-hole products with distinctly different inflatable packer technology. They manufacture complete down-hole systems for hydraulic fracturing, permeability testing, formation evaluation and acid treatment with innovative, practical and durable features; well completion solutions for cementing water shut-off, screen installation and well repair, production tools include bridge plugs, pump packers and ASR Flow Control Valves. With a focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, inflatable packer technology serves conventional and unconventional oil and gas, mining, geothermal, water resources and geotechnical exploration.


The objective of the system was to develop a web-based solution along with an iPad application to replace the manual approach and bring out automation in delivering order and fulfil customer requirements.

The complete system focuses on flawless inventory management and order fulfilment for Inflatable Packers International.

Technology Stack


  • To befit the client’s requirement, system was comprised of big files/templates and reports which were getting created dynamically per user. Hence it demanded large data storage.
  • Enhancement of User Experience: As the application grew the major challenge was to keep the application speed optimized as per the traffic and also to enhance the user experience for both Web and iPad application.
  • Managing the complex development and defining the right approach for process management
  • Strenuous to Manage Large Records: The system is designed in a way to handle complex and large database with n-number of reports in the inventory.
  • Security a Major Issue: With the involvement of the external services there was a need to make the complete system secure. As in the inventory system, so many reports are being performed so the system was demanding high security.
  • Managing the development and deliverable cycle to ensure that we achieve important modules in every release.

Solution Delivered

  • To ensure the storage for all the files we used MSSQL server which also increases data security and optimized data storage
  • In the case of power interruption or server shutdowns, data may become corrupted, which poses a big problem for businesses. By integrating Microsoft SQL Server it eliminates the risk of losing data by having features for data recovery and restoration. As a result, client data is secured through caching, log files, and frequent backups.
  • In order to enhance the user experience we’ve used the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets along with HTML and JS version.
  • To manage the delivery and development strategies we’ve used AZURE Devops. With a single team composed of cross-functional members all working in collaboration, DevOps delivers maximum speed, functionality, and transparency between client and Dotsquares team.
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