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Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme enables partners like Dotsquares to provide a range of support services to organisations who are interested in, or are already, consuming Microsoft Cloud Platform services, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, EMS and Azure. By joining Dotsquares’ CSP programme, you will receive Microsoft cloud subscriptions, whilst also being fully supported by Ultima.

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Allow us manage your cloud infrastructure and reduce the spend.

As a Dotsquares’ CSP customer, you’ll receive access to management portals for billing, reporting and self-serve.

CSP for Azure

Through CSP for Azure, we can manage your entire Microsoft cloud lifecycle, with dedicated tools to directly provision, manage, and support your subscriptions. You'll also receive access to our management portals for billing, reporting and self-serve, alongside licensing expertise to optimise your environments and increase your ROI by up to 330%. Along with CSP licensing, our CSP for Workspace enables workspace optimisation though management portals, licensing expertise, and access to our FastTrack Team who will help you deploy and adopt Microsoft 365, promote effective teamwork and keep your devices and apps up to date, increasing user productivity by up to 200%.

Business benefits of leveraging Dotsquares as your CSP Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft will bill the CSP partner monthly for all usage incurred on reseller and customer subscriptions under the partner’s ownership. Partners will receive an invoice for all charges and an accompanying reconciliation file that provides additional details.
By default, only the CSP partner has access to the subscription; however, customers (groups or users) can be added to a subscription. In general, it is recommended that customers are not added to the role of Owner as this role enables members the right to add and remove other users.
Subscriptions can be managed in a number of ways, including through the Microsoft Azure Management Portal, PowerShell, X-Plat CLIs and Resource Management REST API.

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