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Connect to Dynamics CRM data through, conjoint drivers.

Dotsquares is now providing extraordinary benefits to Microsoft Dynamics CRM users who can now get the best-in-class integration with Connect to Dynamics CRM. We will help you to expose over 200+ business objects, data that is available to be used in any system that an organization might use including SAP, Oracle etc. This integration enables users to take full advantage of Dynamics CRM while reducing cost and efforts involved in manual data transfer. We offer you excellent technical expertise in the below segments:

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partner 10th Man
partner parker
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partner fujitsu
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Now, integrate your Dynamics CRM data seamlessly

Our drivers provide a virtual database abstraction on top of Dynamics CRM data and support popular data virtualization features

Experience customer growth as you leverage our Dynamics connector

Our drivers offer the swiftest and trouble-free way to connect real-time Dynamics CRM data with BI, analytics, reporting and data visualization technologies. We will help you to attain the incomparable query performance, comprehensive access to Dynamics CRM data and metadata, and seamlessly integrate with your dearest analytics tools. From drivers and adapters that extend your ideal ETL tools with Dynamics CRM connectivity to ETL/ELT tools for replica. We will provide the Dynamics CRM integration solutions that deliver robust, reliable, and secure data movement.

Benefits of leveraging Dotsquares Dynamics CRM drivers

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need the specific account that has access to the data you are interested in. There are three degrees of access accessible: Analyst, Advertiser, and Administrator. Analyst-level access is sufficient for the reports accessible in the connector.
The data in this connector is generally continuous. Nonetheless, numerous measurements are liable to change for as long as 3 days as Social Media Platforms decide the specific number of perspectives, and so forth.
Social Media Platforms may enforce rate limits on calls to their API, but you should not have to worry about this.

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