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Facebook Ads is a beneficial service provided by Facebook, that let organisations promote their product and services on Social media, for a specific charge. One of the fundamental benefits is that the sponsor can leverage the demographics data accessible on the social media profiles to focus on the promotions suitably.

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Make the most of our Facebook Ads connector to and explore the point by point targeting on one of the most used Social Media Platforms.

Our Bespoke Dashboards Help You Strategise Your Next Move

Collecting all your Facebook data in one spot isn't the greatest issue you can confront – yet visualising it in significant manner makes a huge difference. Dotsquares allows you to fabricate lovely Facebook Ads dashboards in the brief look at an eye, where you can show the key measurements you need. We can create bespoke dashboards designed to fit your business needs. Redo them with the information you need to comprehend and impart, and have confidence that you will consistently know about the right execution of your advertisements, as our dashboards are working with ongoing data. Appreciate the intelligence of Dotsquares' dashboard to channel, drill-down, zoom-in the information to show granular Facebook data within layers, that will help you focus on your crowd with more accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need the specific social media account that has access to the data you are interested in. There are three degrees of access accessible: Analyst, Advertiser and Administrator. Analyst-level access is sufficient for the reports accessible in the connector.
The data in this connector is generally continuous. Nonetheless, numerous measurements are liable to change for as long as 3 days as Social Media Platforms decide the specific number of perspectives, and so forth.
Social Media Platforms may enforce rate limits on calls to its API, but you should not have to worry about this.

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