Survey App

Our Survey App is always there for you to ease the tiresome functioning within your organisation

Effective processing within an organisation has become a tiresome process. Now with Survey App fabricated by Dotsquares, executives can analyse opinions and feedbacks from different departments within their organisation or various clients across the globe. Thus, resulting in effective decisions for betterment of your organisation.

Our Survey App helps organizations create customized surveys for different approaches. The responses can be analysed pointing out detailed areas of improvement.


With your organization having various departments and huge clientele, even with whole commitment it must have become a little hefty for you to cater everyone with utmost dedication.

Our Solution

With our Survey App, you can create personalised surveys dedicated to different departments and clientele. The responses can be subsequently be analysed through our interactive Power BI Report pointing out areas of importance.

Desired Outcome

Our solution would help you make your organisation’s processing more efficient as we provide a platform for effective decision making to cover the loop-holes in time.

Require a tailor-made solution for your increasing feedback traffic?

Every organisation has its own approach of getting things done. We understand this universal sentiment and offer customized solutions to our clients worldwide. Similarly, we offer tailor-made survey management software for your organisation. With immense experience in a plethora of customised offerings and helping our clients achieve their goals, we have carved a niche for ourselves for you to leverage on. Our expertise is the ingredient you need to spice up your survey portfolio, as we fabricate solutions keeping your business functionalities in mind

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